Start Writing – 2

Start Writing – 2

You Are A BookOnce you have gathered the information you need, how should you express it? Some people may choose to do it in a narrative form where they describe the events that occurred as a story, or they write it as a list of events (my first memory –  my first day at school – my favorite birthdays – when I got a bike). Others write their life in the form of a journal or a memoir. The important thing is to write in a style that you are comfortable with.

One way of writing your book is to divide it into sections, according to the topics most important to you. You might choose some of the following or come up with your own unique titles.

  • Childhood
  • My Siblings
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Family Occasions
  • Holidays
  • Important People
  • Education
  • Adventures
  • Travels
  • Awards
  • Hobbies
  • Pets
  • Talents
  • Love and Marriage
  • Children

You get the idea. Some people enjoy writing topical sections for their book, and it might be something you would like.


You Are A BookThis style generally begins with a date, but not necessary in every instance.

March 2, 1987 – It was the day before my 12th “leap year” birthday and I was afraid my party would be a flop. The weather said it was going to snow all day on my birthday. Mom said they were calling for 12 inches. There goes my birthday party. I would have cried last year, but now I am going to be 12 so I’ll just be disappointed and a little sad. Little did I know that Mom had a big surprise that was going to make my party the best ever!


If you choose to write in this format, your book will read more like a novel. You can write about the things you want future generations to know about you. You can divide by events in your early life, school years, college, career, marriage, and similar topic. If you are interested in writing a genealogical book on your family and ancestors, we will have an article or two devoted specifically to that type of endeavor.

Check back for more articles devoted to helping you write the book that is YOU!