Photography – Then and Now

Photography – Then and Now

There were many steps involved in the evolution of the camera obscura to the amazing digital cameras we have today. Technology rapidly moved photography through its infancy into the era of personal use. We can thank Eastman Kodak for bringing the camera to the masses with the slogan, “You press the button – We do the rest.”

Advancement of Photography

Black and white film was king until the mid twentieth century when color made its entrance into the industry and rapidly gained popularity. Photography was establishing itself as an important element in everyday life. In its early days, Alfred Stieglitz, Felix Nadar, and Henri Cartier-Bresson brought revolutionary advancements into the world of photography. Their ideas and practices contributed to the development of the industrial world, the recording of history in a way never before seen, and the creation of an exciting fine art discipline. As cameras became affordable, they started showing up at weddings, baptisms, and even funerals. In spite of the exciting advances in digital photography, film still holds a place of honor. For some, film will always represent the best process when using natural light because of its ability to blend light and color. Don’t think your film camera is a relic from the past. You can still find the supplies you need to use it, but they will cost more than in the past.


When the digital camera was first introduced to the general population, it was an “instant” success. Affordability and convenience contributed to its popularity. Always ready to capture baby’s first tooth or steps, the digital camera allows the parent to be sure they have the perfect image before sending it on to family and friends. Continuing developments in digital and mobile technology place a camera in our hands many times a day, via a smartphone, tablet, and the compact digital camera. Social media spawned the era of “selfies,” which are found all over the Internet. The most popular uses for cameras, however, have not changed. Recording family events is easier and more practical with a digital camera because you print only those images you like. The affordability of digital makes it possible to own more than one camera. The small compact fits into pocket or purse and prevents you from missing an important photograph, another level up will provide a good point and shoot with zoom and wide angle lenses built in, and of course the full digital DSLR models provide the ultimate in photographic experience. Whether you are capturing the tiniest spore or the largest pyramid, you can find the camera and lenses you need to accomplish your goals.

From Every Angle and Distance

Technology has presents the world with nearly unlimited abilities to capture images. Dashcams gained popularity as people started to use them for documenting what is happening on the highways, from road rage to a bull moose crossing in front of a car. A generation of self-styled photojournalists is developing on YouTube and other social media formats. With the advent of affordable drones, any one can document a variety of events, including those of historic proportion. Drones can capture dramatic events, such as the crashing of glaciers, floods, tornado damage, and other newsworthy events or new angles for a wedding ceremony. The possibilities are endless.

We are living in an exciting time with the development of new photographic capabilities, unique cameras, and amazing technology. Take your photographic experience to the next level and let today’s technological advancements make it a smooth transition.

Copyright 2015 Judith Hayes