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YOU Are A Book

YOU Are A Book

You Are A BookThere has never been another person exactly like you. From the moment you were born, you impacted the lives of those around you. You were responsible for laughter, tears, and perhaps a touch of sibling jealousy. Your nose belonged to Aunt Martha and your ears to Uncle Frank. Those beautiful eyes came from your Grandma Simmons and everyone knows those pretty curls atop your head came from your Grandpa Joe.

You were photographed, kissed, hugged, poked at, tickled and adored. You had no secrets! Your weight was public knowledge, as was your length. And if you were a boy,  your Dad knew his bragging rights and used them. You were right at home naked or clothed and you probably preferred naked, since there are plenty of pictures of your bottom in the family album.

Your book began nine months earlier, back when you were upsetting your mother’s stomach and inspiring her to learn to knit booties. Yes, you were causing a ruckus even before you presented with all the pomp and circumstance rightfully granted to a new member of the universe. Your parents opened a bank account for your college education long before you ever cracked open a book, because they knew you would be someone special.

Now I know not everyone has had a perfect beginning, or grown up in a perfect family, but every moment of your life is important and valuable. Your experiences, written and shared, will be the strength for which another soul is searching. Your mistakes will be lessons and your successes will be challenges for those who read your words. Your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews will love learning about how you grew up and became the person they know today.

Judith Hayes AuthorYes, you are a book, from the past, in the present, and in untold years to come. Today is the day, to put yourself on paper, to record who you are, who you want to be, and all the joy and sorrows you have known.

Do it in story or history form, do it in poems. Do it any way you want. Just do it; for you are the book your children, grandchildren, and beyond need to read. You are the book that you need to write.

For, in so doing, you cement yourself as a block in the foundation of your family, your community, your country, and your world.

Today is the day to start writing your book.

Happy Writing
Judith Hayes