Today is the Day to Remember Last Year and Write it Down

Today is the Day to Remember Last Year and Write it Down

family historyBegin the new year by recording the last. If you didn’t keep a journal last year, you can still record all of the important events and share them in your memoir.

What important events happened in the past year?

  • Did you graduate from college?
  • Did you get engaged?
  • Did you become a grandparent?
  • Did you win an award?
  • Did you purchase a winning lottery ticket?
  • Did you get a new job or a promotion at your present job?

Everything that happened this year is of interest to future generations. You may choose to put a list of events for each month in a journal style such as the following example.


Jan. 1st – We celebrated the New Year as a family. We went to a fireworks display at the park, came home and had pizza at 10pm. The kids (use names) were excited to be able to stay up till midnight to welcome the New Year!


February 14th – Valentine’s Day was very exciting. Bob proposed and I accepted!


March 8th – They say March comes in like a lion and it sure did. We had a big ice storm with downed trees and 2 days without power.

You get the idea. List the things of importance and their date for each month.

Keep working and before you know it, your family’s story will be well on its way.

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