YOU Are A Book

YOU Are A Book

It’s time to write YOUR Family History! Have you ever wished your parents or grandparents had kept a journal? Do you wonder what their childhood was like? Your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will want to know about your childhood, where you went to school, what kind of job you had, and what you liked to do. If you wrote a family history for your family, what would it say? Did you travel to faraway places? Did you serve in the military? Did you go to college? Did you play sports, love to dance, or act in your high school play? Did you immigrate from another country to give your family a better future? What kinds of things can you tell future generations about your life?

You Are A Book

The YOU Are A Book website is here to help you write your family history. Give your family the gift of YOU, your story, your memoir, and your life. We will provide you with the writing tools and tips you need to get started on the Journey of your Life!

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